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If you are Unsure if Physical Therapy is the right thing for you, let’s start Right here.

The 10 minute consultation is a subjective evaluation that helps you determine whether a full evaluation is the right thing for you.

The consultation can be done either in person or over the phone and includes a series of questions that help us recommend one of the following:

  • A full PT evaluation, along with a summary of what the treatment and plan of care may look like.

  • A recommendation to follow up with Physical Therapy at a later date (usually a week or two) if complaints or symptoms don’t resolve.

  • A referral to a more appropriate health-care provider if necessary.



10 Min | $10



60 min | $200


This is required before a wellness or follow-up appointment. It includes subjective and objective measures that assess your function and help determine your source of pain (if applicable).

An evaluation also includes paperwork, education on the findings in the evaluation, a home exercise program, and the best plan of care for you (including number of appointments and length of appointment over a period of time).


Once your plan of care is determined, follow-up appointments are scheduled to address the problems found in your evaluation and progress towards your goals.

Treatment sessions can be 30, 40, or 50 minutes in length, depending on what you and your therapist decide.




30-50 MINS | $80-150


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$15 off

your Next appointment



30-50 MINS | $80-150


Our wellness visits differ from follow-up treatment sessions in that they are no longer part of a plan of care for an injury. They are considered maintenance appointments for overall well-being.

Want to improve your squat? Address your running form? Maintain good mobility? These all fall under wellness visits. We do not typically communicate with other healthcare providers during these appointments, unless necessary.

Wellness visits can also be 30, 40 or 50 minutes in length depending on your preference. For scheduling purposes, wellness visits are booked as treatment sessions as the prices are no different.


This can be done at our South Loop location or at your own home depending on distance. We use a trainer and video-based motion analysis to record your ride from multiple views. Depending on what we see, there may be small adjustments made on your bike for best fit and/or recommendations for bigger adjustments to be made at your bike shop.

We also will conduct a strength/range of motion assessment based on our findings and help guide you with a strengthening and/or mobility program for a more powerful and efficient ride.



60–90 MIN | $250



work place | HomE | Car


We will visit your workspace, home, or car to help you discover possible contributors to your pain/dysfunction. Changes may include altering your monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, headset, car seat position, steering wheel, armrests, pillows, mattress, etc.


The Physical Therapy Academy also participates in workshops at other locations. Follow our social media channels to find out more information about these opportunities.

Typically, pricing is anywhere from $10-25 / person. If a location is interested in hosting TPTA for a workshop, please contact us!



Locations & PricEs Vary



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